Garrett Ace 300

We are reviewing Garrett Ace 300 in this article. Garrett has designed a new device Garrett Ace 300 to substitute a well-proven metal detector for beginners Ace 250.

Let’s take a look whether the device new functionality improves detectorists possibilities and whether it is worth getting the new metal detector instead of Ace 250. Is there any alternative to it?

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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

This review is devoted to underwater metal detector Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II. It will be a good purchase for beginner detectorists, since the device is reliable and easy-to-use.

As for the disadvantages, we should mention absence of proper discrimination, which means that you should be ready to dig a lot.

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Garrett AT Pro

Garrett AT Pro review. This is a well-proven American metal detector. Its main advantages are water resistance and precise detection of coins and relics.

Except Garrett AT Pro, the company manufactures two similar models – Garrett AT Gold (for gold prospecting) and Garrett AT Max (an advanced version of AT Pro).

We have a separate review for each of them and we recommend to read them, since maybe these models of the device will better suit your needs.

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