Minelab X-Terra 305

X-Terra 305 is a modern microprocessor metal detector designed using VLF technology. It has two operating frequencies 7,5 kHz and 18,75 kHz.

The device has a wide range of user settings: highly accurate ground balancing, noise cancel feature, sensitivity adjustment, audio and graphical target identification and different discrimination modes.

The device has been on the market since 2009.

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Minelab Equinox 800

Only one metal detector was announced in the name of the current review, but actually we“ll be discussing two devices – Minelab Equinox 800 and Minelab Equinox 600. Though they differ only in price and functionality they can offer.

I have some experience of treasure hunting using Minelab Equinox 800 and I’d like to share my opinion about it. Except this, we’ll also get things clear about what exactly makes these two metal detectors different.

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Fisher F75

The main benefit Fisher F75 metal detector can offer to the user is its proper operation around littered with rubbish areas. The device contains all the newest functions from a discriminator with double filtration to an automatic ground tracking FAST GRAB.

This metal detector is an advanced level one and it can’t be recommended to the beginners, since they may just waste their time trying to adjust the device settings.

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Garrett AT Gold

This is a twin-brother of AT-Pro metal detector, but with another operation frequency. Garrett has designed AT Gold specially for gold nuggets and jewelry hunting both on the ground and under water.

Unlike AT-Pro, Garrett AT Gold has a smaller coil — DD 5×8″ and higher operating frequency – 18 kHz.

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