Fisher F22

Fisher manufactures a product line of metal detectors labeled as F11, F22 and F44.

Here you can read about the flagship F44 model. As for this article, it is devoted to a bit lower level model of the device called F22.

Let’s keep in mind, that these metal detector models are very much alike and their functions are described in more details in the article about F44, but this article will complete the latter with some additional information – especially regarding the device assembly process and settings, which will be useful for those, who are using this model for the first time.

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Fisher F44

In 2015 FISHER introduced a new product line to the treasure hunters community, these were F11, F22 and F44 metal detectors.

The devices are based on the good old VLF system. All the three models have operation frequency equal to 7.69 kHz.

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