Fisher F75

The main benefit Fisher F75 metal detector can offer to the user is its proper operation around littered with rubbish areas. The device contains all the newest functions from a discriminator with double filtration to an automatic ground tracking FAST GRAB.

This metal detector is an advanced level one and it can’t be recommended to the beginners, since they may just waste their time trying to adjust the device settings.

Fisher F75 productivity directly depends on whether its user has learned to work with the device properly. This metal detector is famous for its perfect sensitivity to small targets (such as coins) and superb results when being used on a littered with metal-containing rubbish ground as well as on soils with excessive mineralization.

The device’s main operation frequency is 13 kHz which is one of the reasons why it’s sensitive to small objects.

While constructing Fisher F75 a greater focus was placed to lessen issues that arise as a result of soil mineralization. It is very convenient that this device shows on the display information about soil mineralization in the real time scale.

The metal detector has three searching modes, though experienced treasure hunters prefer All Metal, because it provides the largest searching depth.

You can adjust ground balance both manually and automatically. When turning he device on and off it saves the latest settings.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector
29 Reviews
Fisher F75 Metal Detector
  • Lightest weight / best ergonomics in the industry - powerful performance trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch - large lcd screen with 0-99 numeric target identification display
  • Double-filter discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas - magnetic mineralization bar graph and readout - trigger-actuated fastgrab ground balance
  • Non-volatile memory saves settings - backlight - for low light hunting conditions - low operating cost - typically 40+ hours with 4-aa alkaline batteries
  • Double-D Waterproof Search Coil - Rain Cover for Control Housing & Battery Housing Available
  • Recommended for: coin shooting, relic hunting, beach hunting, gold prospecting. Operating humidity range: 0-90% non-condensing

Despite their number there are three components that are used to control the device: potentiometer, trigger and button.

The metal detector has an attractive function to define soil structure damage. In other words, the structure of the ground where something is hidden or covered up with soil should differ from the other ground in the area. This way the chances of finding a treasure get higher.

Fisher F75 has 11×7 inches waterproof DD Bi-Axial coil, using which you can go beach hunting, searching in salty sand, in streams and not very deep ponds as well as in sea soundings.

The coil will let you search deep and sense targets which are next to you quite well regardless of a soil type, even if it is a highly mineralized one.

The device has solid S-shaped shaft that consist of three components. Stiffness of the metal detector structure is provided by collet clamps and it is balanced due to the control unit (with four AA batteries) placed under the armrest.

Such ergonomic design gives you the feeling that you are holding a very lightweight device and you’ll be able to go for long treasure hunting with it.


Fisher F75 is a device for those who would like to try a higher level metal detector and who is ready to spend time to learn how to deal with the device settings. It is perfect for small targets hunting and shows sufficient performance on littered ground areas.

Fisher F75 Special Edition Metal Detector
6 Reviews
Fisher F75 Special Edition Metal Detector
  • Coin, gold, and jewelry hunting for professional users
  • Static-all-metal, motion all-metal, and discrimination modes
  • 15 adaptable sensitivity levels
  • Great ground balancing controls for gold pursuit
  • Determine items with target ID

  • Prefect discrimination function
  • 13khz operation frequency
  • Light weight
  • Lots of settings and options
  • Suitable for small coins searching
  • Perfect for hunting around littered areas
  • Sufficient depth
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very quick target response

  • It is difficult to master this metal detector for the beginners, especially if they used to have ACE 250
  • The device's audio sound is rather loud and it may annoy you
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