Garrett Ace 250

Garrett ACE 250 is an improved ACE 150 model. This reliable, easy in mastering device has a strong presence among modern metal detectors. It is a legend among treasure hunters.

It was Garrett ACE 250 that was used by a lot of contemporary treasure hunting professionals at the beginning of their career and they still like this device.

Considering price-quality ratio it is no surprise that this metal detector has been overdemanded. Both the beginners and those who can’t afford buying more expensive and sophisticated device enjoy using it.

Garrett ACE 250 will do for searching both small and large targets, its operating frequency is 6,5 kHz, which is a compromise between low (high searching depth, but less sensitivity to small targets) and high frequencies (less deep, but more sensitive to small targets).

Searching depth stated by the manufacturer – for a coin it’s 10 inches, for large target – 20 inches. From my experience of using ACE 250 I’d like to add that these values can be improved.

To a large extent they depend on a soil parameters in some specific area as well as on how a target is located towards the metal detector (flatside or edgewise) and on the soil oxidation level.

ACE 250 has the same design as its earlier model (150), the same operational frequency and waterproof coil, that can be put under water. The difference is that Garrett ACE 250 metal detector provides manual adjustments ability to perform more precise settings.

The software (it has 5 modes) allows you to turn of any unnecessary segments on discrimination scale and save these settings into the device memory. As for the discriminator scale now it has 12 segments instead of 5, which ensures more efficient operation.

At that, for example, you can turn off the discrimination scale segments both for targets made of low and high conductivity metals. “Custom” mode will help you to save discrimination scale settings when the device is off.

The beginners will appreciate symbols put above the discrimination scale to depict the most typical targets for certain segments. There are 4 pre-set searching modes: coins, relics, jewelry and all metal.

The indicator of a target depth now has 4 values – 2, 4, 6, 8 + inches. The device sensitivity can be set within 1 to 8 range, which improves your ability to adjust it to certain searching conditions.

Pin-Point is another important function that was added as well. This is the mode you use to define a target location precisely, which significantly reduces searching time and helps beginners not to damage the target when digging it out.

Target sound identification has three tones. The device has an embedded speaker and a plug-connection for head-phones.


Garrett ACE 250 is a good metal detector for a cheap price. It can be easily adjusted to any specific task – everything is plain and simple. The device reliability has been proven by generations of treasure hunters. This metal detector is a user-friendly one, so this is exactly what you need to make your first steps in this hobby. Furthermore, while the others will be spending their time trying to master complex expensive devices, you’ll be already collecting your first nickels, dimes and pennies found.[

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil Plus Headphones
49 Reviews
Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil Plus Headphones
  • Graphic Target ID cursor
  • Accept/Reject notch for specific target detection and to ignore unwanted items
  • Electronic pinpoint for easy target recovery
  • Sensitivity Control : Adjusts to 8 Levels of Sensitivity for Differing Ground Conditions
  • Continuous target depth indicator

  • Reliable
  • Easy in use
  • Light weight
  • Pinpoint mode
  • Fast response to a target found (you will pass through large search areas rather quickly)

  • Sensitive to cold
  • The coil gets scratched rather fast
  • Sometimes some background noise appears
  • Small searching depth
  • No adjustment of audio signal
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