MINELAB Go-Find 60

This one will do for both the beginners and those who want to get a small sized device that can be always with you, for example, in a car.

MINELAB Go-Find 60 – is the newest device and it is highly likely that future Minelab models will inherit quite a lot from it. The product line is represented by three metal detectors – Go-Find 20, Go-Find 40 and Go-Find 60. Since Go-Find 60 is the most sophisticated and highly productive one, let’s begin with reviewing it first.

Once again, the device’s main merit is its small size. It is has telescopic design and looks like a spinning rod, but this time for treasure hunting and not for fishing. The length of this MD in a stowed position is just 22 inches, therefore it can be easily put in your car trunk, in a small rucksack, bag and so on.

The case and sliding components – a shaft and an arm rest – all of these are made of high quality durable plastic, which have provided keen and tough competition to metal constructions we’ve got used to.

Modern metal detector just has to be as light weighted as it is possible. Because nobody wants to walk around waving a “clubbell”, due to which your hand starts to hurt in a few hours.

Go-Find 60 weighs 2.4 pounds, it is very light weighted. This is an MD-transformer and you need just several seconds to get it ready to work.

The coil is rectangular with rounded corners, it looks rather unusual and it has highly consistent performance – due to its shape it is impossible to miss any spots when scanning the land area.

The device case is made of high endurance and wearproof plastic, providing that the device is properly used it doesn’t require any additional protection accessories.

The coil of MINELAB Go-Find 60 is completely waterproof and it can be put under water (but just the coil, not the MD itself!).

The obvious advantage of this metal detector is that the cable connected to the coil is hidden into the shaft and it won’t hook onto bushes when using the device.

The fact that the coil can’t be dismounted and you can’t replace it with another one is definitely a sufficient demerit of the MD.

Its display is highly informative and user-friendly. On the upper side of the display there is an adjustable discrimination scale that consists of just four pictograms with easy to understand target images peculiar to each segment.

Adjustment of the discrimination level is the most important thing in any metal detector setting. Here you just have to push the button several times to exclude some targets from the searching process or, on the contrary, to make the device sense them again.

Below the discrimination scale there are pictograms and scales of some additional functions. The user may turn them off or on, or set the proper level.

The metal detector allows turning on the display light, adjusting the device sensitivity level, monitoring information about the target depth, battery charge level, making audio signal level higher or lower.

The fact that MINELAB Go-Find 60 model has Bluetooth function is a cherry on top of all above mentioned. This function lets you by means of a special mobile app transfer information about your findings to a smart phone.


Minelab GO-FIND series is a new concept of the company and its upcoming devices will have a similar design and appearance. The concept is interesting enough and quite promising. Although, you should consider Minelab GO-FIND as an entry-level metal detector. It can mainly be used for gaining your first experience, beach hunting or as a reserve metal detector that you can put in a car just in case. A fixed coil, a bit fragile construction and not very efficient searching depth – these are the main demerits of this metal detector.

Minelab GO-FIND 60 Metal Detector
52 Reviews
Minelab GO-FIND 60 Metal Detector
  • Retracting detector with simple 1-button press/Length to suit everyone in the family
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries/Intuitive user interface
  • One button selects target types/Effortless touch button design
  • Green LEDs indicate non-iron metal (e.g.. silver or gold) Red LEDs indicate iron target (nail) [GO-FIND 40 & 60 only]
  • Visual icon flashes detected target/High tone for high value metal target Low tone for iron target
Minelab GO-FIND 66 Metal Detector
5 Reviews
Minelab GO-FIND 66 Metal Detector
  • Four find icons with nail, foil, ring, coin and treasure view LEDs
  • 2.36"W x 1.42"H LCD screen
  • Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators for better accuracy
  • Three-level depth readout and automatic tracking ground balance
  • Five adjustable sensitivity levels fine tune readings

  • Small size. In a stowed position the device takes up minimum space both in a rucksack and in a car trunk.
  • Light weighted. New advanced materials allow minimizing the device's weight
  • Waterproof coil. Nothing keeps you from beach hunting as well as searching along river and lake shores
  • Synchronization. Ability to connect the device to your smart phone

  • Not dismountable coil
  • Using of plastic instead of metal makes the device design lightweight at the same time making it more fragile
  • The arm rest is not very convenient, since you can lay your arm there only if it's fixed with a strap
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