Teknetics Delta 4000

Teknetics Delta 4000 is a budget priced metal detector both for the beginners and amateurs. It is made to help the user master the device fast and easily. It has a “pin point” and automatic ground balancing function.

Teknetics Delta 4000 breaks all stereotypes by demonstrating simple, convenient and comfortable learning to use the device and further operation. This is a metal detector with a necessary set of functions which can be fast and easily studied, so you can start searching right away.

To begin with, let’s mention that this device weighs just 2.6 pounds! Now compare this number with those of other brands’ metal detectors and you’ll see that this is a very light weight.

In fact, each extra ounce means your tiredness, because this is an additional load on your shoulder-joint, elbow, hand.

Wight of a metal detector is a stumbling rock for lots of manufacturing companies, since each of them tries to decrease the device weight by all means.

Teknetics Delta 4000 consists of three components – two upper shafts are made of light aluminum alloy and the bottom shaft is made of plastic. This is a special kind of plastic – it is capable of damping the coil collisions with some natural obstacles (stones, plant roots and etc.).

This way it prevents the coil or the sensor hold-down bolt from breakage. This plastic is so strong, that if you’d like you can install a coil of larger size and diameter on this metal detector and you don’t have to worry if the shaft will hold it.

The middle and upper shaft are colored with highly wearproof powder paint, therefore even in case of rough usage it’ll look as if it has just been brought from a shop!

The armrest of Teknetics Delta 4000 can be moved along the shaft, which also allows adjusting the device to its user build. Besides, the armrest has some special soft inclusions which help to ensure that user’s elbow is tightly fixed inside. The armrest has two holes for a fixing strap, but it doesn’t come in the standard device’s set and you can buy it if necessary.

Teknetics Delta 4000 coil is a mono one and it is designed using solid technology. Its diameter is 8 inches and it is not powerful enough for convenient operation. We should mention that the searching depth and sensitivity of the device can be improved (plus 30-50% additionally) by installing a more powerful coil.

In this case you’ll level up your device and the issues caused by its initial coil are avoided this way. Which means that there is the way to upgrade the device, which is good to know.

The coil is completely waterproof, that’s why you can surely use Teknetics Delta 4000 to search for old relics in puddles, drains as well as to go beach hunting.

Teknetics Delta 4000 control unit isn’t waterproof though, therefore don’t forget about this while looking for treasures in water.

The operation frequency of this metal detector is 7.8 kHz, so you can consider the device a multi-purpose one, because it can be used to search for any metal targets regardless of their size and the alloy they are made of.

Performance capabilities and settings of this metal detector are rather various and flexible: discriminator with 8 segments capable of setting an individual discrimination mask, “all metal” search mode and pinpoint mode – all these tools allow searching and identification of findings quickly, accurately and easy.

Теknеtiсs Dеltа 4000 is rather demanding as for its batteries. The manufacturer insists on using only alkaline batteries or other high capacity batteries. It was proved to be true – while testing we’ve observed that when using cheap zinc-carbon batteries and setting the device on its maximum sensitivity level, the device sometimes would turn off when getting a signal from a target.

This occurred due to electrochemical capacity limit of zinc-carbon batteries.

Operational economy, light weight, convenient installing, flexible adjustment of linear sizes of the device, ergonomic design all these are the benefits of the new Teknetics Delta 4000 metal detector!


Light weighted , small sized , high target response (this parameter of Delta 4000 has surpassed that of its rival Ace-250), requires only one 9V battery as a power supply, as for its weight – even a kid can use it. This is a perfect device for beginners, it will perfectly do for beach hunting as well as for long trips and hikes, when each extra kilo counts.

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector
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Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector
  • User-friendly metal detector ideal for coin shooting, relic hunting, and gold prospecting
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display with 2-digit numerical target ID system
  • Running depth indicator identifies target depths from 0 to 8 inches
  • Discrimination and All Metals modes; 3-tone audio discrimination
  • Runs for up to 25 hours on single 9-volt battery; 7.8 kHz operating frequency

  • Light weight
  • Quite fast and reliable target response
  • Three tones audio identification
  • Has a plug-connection for head-phones Jack 1/8 inches, you may also use your player head-phones as well
  • Sensor buttons are located on the same level that the display is, which is quite convenient
  • Dirt and dust ingress are not the case for this device

  • 8" coil isn't the most powerful one and it's better to replace it
  • The wire connected to the coil is very thin
  • Demanding as for batteries type
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