Whites Coinmaster Pro

This is indeed an ideal entry-level device. To describe it with one phrase I’d say – this is a “switch on and dig” metal detector. It is highly consistent and it has a perfect discrimination function.

Unlike other ordinary Coinmaster metal detectors, Pro model has multi-tonal audio signals (audio identification), a bit improved searching depth and an ability to turn on elements discrimination function selectively in any order.

It also uses VLF technology, operating frequency is 6.6 kHz, adjustable discrimination modes, automatic ground balance, embedded «pinpoint» mode. Considering the device price brackets and functions this is an entry-level metal detector.

A round waterproof 9″ mono coil comes in the device set. The shaft consists of two parts and “s” shaped handle with an armrest, where usually a control unit with LCD display is mounted. The shaft parts have standard fixation with telescopic length adjustment and spring-loaded plunger for apertures.

Such a construction as a rule causes little back lash, at that it is more reliable and it can serve trouble-free for many years. As for the armrest we should mention that it has no softening pads inside, however it is adjustable and there is a possibility to use a restraining strap.

The control unit has all navigation buttons and electronics in it as well as an LCD-display and a cell for batteries. Besides a plug-connector for a coil there is also an embedded plug for head-phones there.

So, if you hate spending time reading manuals and adjusting the device to each search area and target, if you want to just get to some interesting place and start searching, then Coinmaster Pro is a metal detector right for you. Using this device you spend more time hunting, not fighting the device settings thinking if you’ve adjusted them properly and whether any of them may lead to false target.

On the display you can see settings indication and a type of a target found, when the cursor location shows one from eight target types; for coin-type objects the depth is displayed. You can adjust the settings using the buttons on the device control unit.

Discrimination function is also set by means of the keyboard (search for all metal types or turn off unnecessary objects search such as, for example, nails and other iron rubbish), adjust the device sensitivity and turn on PinPoint mode (the function of accurate definition of the target location).

The discrimination function is improved due to selective discrimination introduced here (SMART NOTCH), which means when you turn off 5 segments you can turn on the 3rd one that corresponds to nickel coins searching.


Such a device is suitable for quite a variety of searching conditions – in a field or forest, or beach hunting. This metal detector “sees” equally good both coins and other metal objects hidden in the ground. Even a child can use it partially due to the device’s light weight regardless the fact that its coil is relatively heavy. A user-friendly interface is another advantage of this metal detector. I’d also like to mention that we should give a credit to Coinmaster discrimination quality. It detects iron very well and at that there are no faults as for other 7 segments left.

White's Coinmaster Metal Detector - 800-0325
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White's Coinmaster Metal Detector - 800-0325
  • Target ID-hear & see targets
  • Depth Reading- screen shows you how deep to dig
  • Pinpoint/All-Metal Mode-makes locating targets a snap
  • Rugged Water-Resistant Box - just 2.5lbs
  • Model Number: 800-0325

  • High discrimination quality
  • Simple adjustment
  • Operation reliability
  • Off-line operation duration without changing batteries

  • The device standard set includes a mono coil, not DD one
  • One operating frequency
  • No backlight
  • Small range of additional coils that can be used
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